Celebrating Erasmus days 2023 at the University of Niš - LINK

Published paper at 16th International Conference on Applied Electromagnetics – ПЕС 2023 (August 2023) - LINK

Round table and certificates awarding 2023 - LINK

Newsletter 2 - 30.01.2023 - LINK

SPaSE promotion in Serbian oldest newspaper "Politika" LINK

Published paper at SAUM 2022 Conference (November 2022) - LINK

Promotion of SPaSE at SAUM 2022 Conference - LINK

Published Handbook on smart products and services (November 2022) - LINK

Celebrating Success: European Studies at the University of Niš LINK

Round table and certificates awarding - LINK

Published paper at IX International Conference IcETRAN (June 2022) - LINK

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Newsletter 1 - 30.01.2022 - LINK

Promotion of Smart Products and Services Engineering at the University of Niš - 23.12.2021- LINK

Published paper in Facta Universitatis, Series Automatic Control and Robotics (December 2021) - LINK

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